Quality Policy:
  1. To meet with customer's needs on "The quality assurance and the reduction of total cost".
  1. Reduction of casting defect by scientific process control.
  2. Conversion of the role of casting from structural to functional
  3. Development of new process to stand above the limit of conventional technology,
  4. Improvement of casting process harmonizing with the environment
  5. to make an environmental conservation in good order.

In 2000, EUCAST from a captive became an independent foundry to begin producing functional castings such as ductile iron with guaranteed notch impact toughness for pressure vessels, ADI gear, composite rolls and low expansion cast iron for screw compressors, etc, EUCAST is also certified with ISO 9001:2000 by UKAS. Over the past 30 years, EUCAST has been a captive foundry which specializes in manufacturing various castings for outstanding rubber machines of Y.T. Precision Machinery Corp..

As a result of our lengthly experience and extensive knowledge of producing castings,as well as being equipped with modern foundry equipment and instruments, EUCAST Is able to supply the quality castings to meet customer's needs.

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